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Australian Primary Schools Introduce History Of Sporting Sledges To Curriculum

Australian Primary Schools Introduces History of Sporting Sledges to Curriculum

The NSW Department of Education has announced that primary schools across the state will introduce Australia’s rich history of sporting sledges to the mandatory curriculum, in 2018. This proposed addition to what has been widely considered an “unexciting” national history learning outcome, has received an applaud from parents. “It’s perfect, just perfect,” says …

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Uni Student Celebrates Living In First World Country After Holiday To South-East Asia

Uni Student Celebrates Living in First World Country After Vacation to South-East Asia

A local university student has begun celebrating the fact that he lives in a first world country after returning from a month long holiday around South-East Asia. Darren Hill, 19, currently studying a bachelor of psychology at UTS, expressed his gratitude for Australia’s standard of living, going into detail on what …

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Students Shat On By Seagulls And The System

Students Shat On By The System And Seagulls

As if it wasn’t enough that the government pins uni students on the ground to squeeze girthy cables of debt and a dysfunctional housing market all over their chests on a daily basis, an unidentified perpetrator fed the seagulls at Central Station laxatives. The ensuing chemical reaction between avian life and …

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Hashtag Not Even Cool, Bro: Tinder

Hello again and welcome back to the fortnightly segment which literally nobody asked for. That’s right, ‘Hashtag Not Even Cool (Bro)’, for some unfathomable reason, is back for a third instalment so please try to contain your rapidly bulging excitement. As always before we begin the stirring of some sh*t, …

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