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Album Review: Drunk, Thundercat

Album Review: Drunk - Thundercat

In his most polished release yet, Californian multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bruner (Thundercat) delves into how we survive in the modern age. “Where would we be,” Bruner poses on ‘Bus in These Streets’, “if we couldn’t tweet our thoughts?” Your smart ass might say “on Facebook,” but such a response just vindicates …

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Throwback: Great Music You Probably Missed – Ft. #sogonechallenge, Female R&B and Terrible Boyfriends

When we talk about 2000s R&B, the mind thinks of Chris Brown, Queen Bey, Usher and Ne-Yo. Forget them for a moment, because the early 2000s had some hella good female R&B music.  Music in 2016 is different, almost too different to the way things sounded a decade or two …

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Hidden Gems: R & B

This week’s edition of Hidden Gems, we explore the vastly popular genre of R&B in all its glory. This is a genre that is home to many amazing artists including; Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Usher – though there are some who have gone under the radar. The artist that …

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