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Australian Primary Schools Introduce History Of Sporting Sledges To Curriculum

Australian Primary Schools Introduces History of Sporting Sledges to Curriculum

The NSW Department of Education has announced that primary schools across the state will introduce Australia’s rich history of sporting sledges to the mandatory curriculum, in 2018. This proposed addition to what has been widely considered an “unexciting” national history learning outcome, has received an applaud from parents. “It’s perfect, just perfect,” says …

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Cockatoo Island with PhotoClub

PhotoClub Goes To Cockatoo Island

PhotoClub recently visited Cockatoo Island and snapped some incredible shots, check them out below! Tsz Kin William Liu (Above Left) & Anna Zhang (Above Right) Tsz Kin William Liu (Above Left) & Dylan Kim (Above Right) Anna Zhang (Above) Sandy Zhang (Above) Joseph Chan (Above)  

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Hashtag Not Even Cool, Bro: Running Man Challenge

Before we begin, for those who have lived in ignorance for the past several months, let me introduce this recurring segment on Blitz as an overly pretentious semi-satirical statement on the whatever is ‘trending’ in our world. As you will soon see, I will be introducing a trivial subject that has grown …

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