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How To: Help Your Snake Friends

Have you ever wondered what to do about a friend whose actions don’t quite match up with their words? Here’s a step by step guide to empathising with your snake friend’s problems. This manual is designed to target and resolve the ‘issues’ of three specific snake-like friends. DISCLAIMER: Solutions are …

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Why Are This Year’s Bachelorettes So Mean?

Why are this years bachelorettes so mean?

This year’s version of The Bachelor is different. The contestants are… how would mum say it? Strong willed? Fiercely independent? Highly strung? Oh hell I’ll say it, they’re mean. You know what? They’re not just plain old mean. They are some Regina George, Blair Waldorf, Cersei Lannister level mean girls. …

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Everyone loves a good sale! But what you didn’t know is that the best ones happen outside of ASOS. Forget your 10% student discount, its all about the sample sale! These sales have been a long standing tradition in the fashion industry for fashionsta to score a bargain. For those …

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The 5 Life Lessons I Learned From: Mean Girls

Easily one of the most quotable, watched and re-watched movies of the last generation, Mean Girls has a number of important life lessons. Here are my top five. The best way to deal with haters is to always be ready with a good comeback. Eventually they’ll get the gist and …

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