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Why I Deactivated Facebook

Why I Deactivated Facebook For Half A Decade.

“You don’t have Facebook?” an American exchange student asks incredulously. “How do you survive?” she inquires with the intensity of a neurosurgeon performing brain surgery. She seems impressed for a moment as she murmurs “Facebook is like water to me.” Welcome to the digital media era, where social media networks are …

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IND-I-Y: The Big Deal with Avocados

Picture this. There you are, sitting at a run-of-the-mill creatively, “groundbreaking” hipster café. You pick up your breakfast and drool is drooping over the contents of your shirt. Your mouth is salivating, your hand glands are sweating, your eyes are pealing. And all for the price of some green goop …

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Wonders of the Web: 6 Instagrams To Follow

Today, on Wonders of the Web, I give you some recommendations of Instagrams to follow. It’s hard to explain the feeling you get when you find an Instagram feed with such beautiful, ‘on-point’ photographs that it makes you want to scroll for days. Let this short list of amazing Instagrams …

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Hashtag Not Even Cool, Bro: Snapchat

To the three people reading this, I say, ‘Welcome!’ Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let me introduce to you a cathartic experience disguised as an article. In this potentially recurring segment on Blitz online, you will witness me introduce a trivial trend or topic – which has apparently been …

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