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Real Life Costumes Scarier Than Halloween Costumes

Real life costumes scarier than any Halloween costume

Halloween is here and sometimes real life is so much more scarier than any Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. Exhausted student walking into a 9am class Ever arrive at your lecture, choose a seat and then get startled by the ghost-like creature that just walked past? An exhausted student walking …

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Things UNSW Students Should Vote ‘Yes’ For

There are just some things that make us, as UNSW students irritated. If we could vote for the following, we’d all be voting a big, fat, ‘YES’! No exams on Saturdays/ No exams before 9am Who thought to schedule a final exam on a Saturday? Or even worse, an exam …

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Tech-free Life; The Beginning

Tech-free Life; The Beginning.

At around five in the afternoon the CBD starts to fill up with tired, empty faces. Edging forward in a weary shuffle; their last dregs of focus relinquished to small, silver screens.  From a distance it’s slightly strange and even sort-of sad. Not the emptiness mind you. Apathy is an extremely …

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