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Do Healing Crystals Work?

Healing Crystals are an alternative medicinal practice that claims to have healing powers. But do they actually have healing powers or are they simply colourful rocks? As an enthusiast of all things New Age, I decided to take a crack at healing crystals to figure out if they can heal …

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It’s All in Your Mind

When I was in high school, I was plagued with serious Acne on my face and body just like any other teenager. After going through countless medications and climbing up the ladder of seriousness I was left with the final option, Roacutane. Roacutane is a very serious acne medication that …

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A Dropkick’s Guide to University Sport: Touch Rugby

In contrast to last week’s Blitz sports article by Niko, who offered a thoroughly educational recap of all that was sport over the Summer, this week I will instead give a personal take on my first ever experience at participating in a uni sport. For the many of you who …

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