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Why I Deactivated Facebook

Why I Deactivated Facebook For Half A Decade.

“You don’t have Facebook?” an American exchange student asks incredulously. “How do you survive?” she inquires with the intensity of a neurosurgeon performing brain surgery. She seems impressed for a moment as she murmurs “Facebook is like water to me.” Welcome to the digital media era, where social media networks are …

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Hashtag Not Even Cool, Bro: The US Presidential Election

‘Hashtag Not Even Cool, Bro’, the recurring segment that outlasted its welcome a month ago is back! With a fan base that started off with three people and yet has still somehow managed to decrease, now is the perfect time to hop on the sinking ship. Yes. But first let …

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SEROUKAS SERMON: Opinions on 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes fiasco that is unfolding at the moment has shown humanity’s uglier sides. I use the words ‘fiasco’ and ‘uglier’ not because of the apparent journalist integrity at question, but because of people’s responses.   But before I unpack, here’s some context (Note: this is a rough summation …

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