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Sweaty Bloke Concerned About Winter’s End

Sweaty Bloke Concerned About Winter's End

A resident sweat prone man and white t-shirt enthusiast has raised concerns about winter’s end for obvious reasons. Arthur Tillman, 31, has reportedly been tracking the incrementally rising August temperatures, and warns those with a similar condition to take heed. “This is ridiculous,” says Tillman. “The weather forecast has seen …

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Wholesome Bloke In Early Thirties Still Calls Mate’s Parents By Title Surnames

Wholesome Bloke In Early Thirties Still Calls Mate's Parents By Title Surnames

A wholesome local bloke in his early thirties is reportedly still calling his mate’s parents by their title and surnames despite having known them for well over a decade now. Martin Greer, 33, was sighted taking his shoes off at the door, and sheepishly making his way to the couch …

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