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First Month of NRL: Who Needs to Step Up

So that concludes the first month of the NRL season and if there’s anything we can say, it’s been a frantic four weeks of footy. While the table may not show it, the competition so far has been one of the most even first group of rounds in recent memory. …

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Why Should You Watch: Vinyl ?

Number 1: It’s Created by Scorsese & Jagger Now, if you don’t know who Martin Scorsese or Mick Jagger is, I give you full permission to leave. No, I actually recommend you leave. Good, so let’s talk about these two guys. One if one of the most incredible directors of our …

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Review: Where To Invade Next

Hint: It’s not Australia Where To Invade Next is the latest film from acclaimed documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. You may have seen his documentaries such as Bowling For Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 or Roger & Me, all ace films in my opinion. Alternatively you may have seen him spoofed in The …

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Why Should You Watch: 11.22.63 ?

Number 1: It Star’s James Franco I know he isn’t as big of a selling point as he was in the Green Goblin days, but James Franco in 11.22.63 proves he’s a legitimate actor. But we all knew this, right? Remember pitying him in Freaks and Geeks, or crying with laughter at Pineapple Express, and even covering …

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A Dropkick’s Guide to University Sport: Touch Rugby

In contrast to last week’s Blitz sports article by Niko, who offered a thoroughly educational recap of all that was sport over the Summer, this week I will instead give a personal take on my first ever experience at participating in a uni sport. For the many of you who …

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Bianca Patradoon

Bianca is a 5th year Music/Education student (piano and clarinet). She spends way too much time on the internet looking at interesting and random things – memes, enlightening tumblr posts, and vlogs and tutorials on youtube, as well as discovering lesser known musicians. Look out for her fortnightly articles on …

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