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Why Should You Watch: 11.22.63 ?

Number 1: It Star’s James Franco I know he isn’t as big of a selling point as he was in the Green Goblin days, but James Franco in 11.22.63 proves he’s a legitimate actor. But we all knew this, right? Remember pitying him in Freaks and Geeks, or crying with laughter at Pineapple Express, and even covering …

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Dear Agony Aunt…The Hipster Edition

According to the Bible of the Twenty-First Century, Urban Dictionary, a hipster is a subculture that values independent thinking, counter-culture, being progressive and rebellious, an appreciation of indie-rock and indie films, creativity, intelligence and witty banter.

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Dear Agony StudAunt… I Have An Itch

Dear Agony StudAunt, This is massively embarrassing, so please make sure I come up as anonymous. I slept with someone at a university hall party last week. This morning, I woke up with an itch. I hope it’s not what I think. Is it? Urgh. Also, do I tell the …

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Dear Agony StudAunt… How To Deal With Bullies

Dear Agony StudAunt, I’ve always been a really quiet person, and for the most part, I’ve loved Uni. I’m in my third year now of a media degree and enjoy it. I like the friends I’ve made, I’ve come out of my shell a lot and I know that this …

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Dear Agony StudAunt… I Missed Too Many Tutes

Dear Agony StudAunt, I received an email this week from my tutor letting me know that I had missed attendance – as in over the allowed 20%. That’s all the e-mail said. What are my options? Sincerely, Sarah, here. James, present. Harry…? Harry…? Dear SHJPHH, Whoopsy daisy, dear. What a …

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Dear Agony StudAunt… I’m Really Into This Girl

Dear Agony StudAunt, There’s this girl in one of my tutes that I’m really into. We flirt every time we see each other and I’ve found out we’re in the same group for a team assignment. I’d like to take it to the next level but don’t want to come …

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