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’13 Reasons Why’ Is A Setback For Mental Health Awareness

'13 Reasons Why' Is A Set Back For Mental Health Awareness

WARNING: Spoilers, mentions of suicide, sexual assault, and rape. Whether or not you love to binge-watch TV series, you have probably heard about ’13 Reasons Why’. Based on the book, the 13 episode Netflix series depicts the reasons behind the main character, Hannah Baker’s, suicide. Since it’s release, the show has …

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TV Shows To Watch During Mid-Sem Break

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

Midsem break is here. You’re ready to catch up on all those missed lectures and future assignments. Right? Of course not. The break simply means more time for us to procrastinate. As a certified TV show addict, I’ve got you covered. Here are some new-ish shows to get you through the tough …

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