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Science Fortnightly: Energy Crisis

Energy Research at UNSW come with a lot of success stories. Back in 2014, UNSW developed the most energy efficient solar cell. This was followed by an amazing world record of  the fastest electric vehicle by sUNSWift eVe. So, it probably does not come off as a surprise to hear …

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Science Fortnightly: UNSW’s 2015-in-Review

Currently Aiming to finish your Final Thesis Report? Or perhaps you are just starting at UNSW as a first year? Either way, you have a long year ahead of you! Here’s a bit of motivation before the semester starts. Let us review some of UNSW accomplishments from 2015 as we …

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Recently in Science

Why all those weird animal eyes? Have you ever wondered why your cat looks up at you with eyes that go from narrow, black slits to huge, round saucers? Scientists are now thinking that these variations evolved to help each specific species of animal with the way they hunt. Ambush …

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Recently In Science

New Ebola Vaccine 100% Effective Are you one of those people who hear about a vicious outbreak of disease across the other side of the world and fear that the apocalypse is upon us? Scientists have discovered that a new Ebola vaccine has been 100% effective in preventing infection among family …

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Recently In Science Week

Is the Earth heading towards a mini Ice Age? The media has been going  a little overboard with (mis)reports about the Sun ‘going to sleep’ in 2030; but the July snow days that we’ve been experiencing pale in comparison to the rate at which global warming is increasing. The confirmed …

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The Playlist: Mental Health

Semester starting to weigh on you? Blitz curated the perfect feel-good playlist for those of you that are feeling the heat. Eat You Alive – The Oh Hello’s A short and sweet starter – to prove you’re alive! Stars (Hold On) – Youngblood Hawke A fun and fulfilling, heartfelt combination of …

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