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Stupid Cupid – How To Have A Romantic Holiday With Your Lover

Sure, being whisked away by your partner for a giddy getaway is the perfect way to reignite the passion with your loved one for any special occasion or anniversary. But there’s nothing romantic about food poisoning, a day in hospital or being stranded at the airport – or, worse still, …

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The Travel Tips You Shouldn’t Take

People (read: parents) are always throwing around know-it-all advice when it comes to travel. Many of these people are older, have watched the movie Hostel too many times and assume that travel means you’re likely to make friends with an attractive local right before disappearing, never to be seen again. …

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First Class Holiday Destinations On Cattle Class Budgets

As a students, we don’t exactly have a huge disposable income to take off overseas at a whim. Heck affording three square meals a day can sometimes be a struggle. Life is spent living thriftily while working a part-time job or relying on “study benefits”. But there’s so much more …

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