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Godzilla Review

I managed to snag 2 free boxes of popcorn at the Godzilla premiere! That was probably the highlight of my night… First of all, I was expecting a badass, muscular, ‘I’m here to f#@k shit up’, Godzilla; instead I got a slow, fat, proportion changing lizard who’d forgotten leg day. …

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An Evening of Mayhem: Sons of Anarchy hit the Roundhouse

  When you head over to the Roundhouse on a Saturday night you wouldn’t expect all that much to be happening,  but if you were anywhere near campus on the 29th of March, you’d be singing a different tune. You would either be keenly curious or slightly alarmed at the sight …

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How I Met The Mother Of Bad Finales

My eyes, ears and emotions have been abused. The How I Met Your Mother finale was like having a friend of nine years drop kick my puppy. Let’s first focus on the good bits of the hour-long drivel I just endured: the return of the cocakmous was legendary. And…that’s it. …

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Endless Love Review

Dear readers: I’ve loved you since the tenth grade. Wait, we’d never even spoken until today? Well, that didn’t stop Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer, the leads of Endless Love. Via gurl.com Before it became endless torture at the hands of director Shana Feste, Endless Love was once a decent …

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300 Rise of an Empire Review

The Persian God Xerxes has dipped himself in gold and got a fresh full body wax as he attempts to take over Greece after bringing down the famous 300 Spartans. It is now up to Themistokles (Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton) to hold off the incoming armies and unite a scattered …

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