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Blitz is the ultimate student guide to what’s on, what’s hot and what’s not, around UNSW and Sydney. Blitz is an integrated media platform, sprinkled with memes, puns and a heavy dose of sarcasm. 

Fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air, hotter than Vegas at midday, and your premium procrastination tool, Blitz has been keeping students in the loop since ’88.

READ our content right here on this site or in our print magazine each semester, WATCH our video interviews, recaps, and skits, LISTEN to us on the radio,  and like/ follow Blitz across social media (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat) for the latest.

Meet the 2017 Blitz Team


Editor: Casey D’Souza
Law / Media (PR & Advertising) – 5th Year
Casey (pronounced Cas-see) likes many things but mainly words, the oxford comma, and long romantic late night walks to her fridge. When she’s not instagramming her food or dreaming of her next globe trotting adventure, she can be found untangling the web of words inside her head, and making it seem like she is going places.


Designer: Melissa Ya
Design (Hons) Graphic Design & Textiles – 3rd year
Melissa enjoys immersing herself in things — books, podcasts, cinema, unlocking the magical powers of Adobe Suite. If you follow her around a bookstore, sometimes you can hear her sighing at poor typeface choices and book cover designs.


TV Coordinator: Joyce Hsu
Informations Systems – 3rd year
Joyce (more likely to respond to Joisugoi) dreams that one day she’ll become a panda. She loves sleeping and a nice cheesy slice of lasagna. You may catch her watching Cooking In The Woods videos or 24/7 puppy livestreams, but only if she’s not crying about how much she spent on filming equipment.



TV Coordinator: Sejon Im
Media Arts – 4th year
Sejon (pronounced sejon) is a producer for Blitz TV and will be working on many hectic videos throughout the year. In his off-time he likes to cook, serenade and participate in other charming activities such as saving children from house fires. He also enjoys chillin with mates at the beach, making beats and havin a boogie on the df.


Radio Coordinator: Alessandra Femenias
Commerce & Media (PR & Advertising) – 3rd year
Alessandra dabbles in lots of things (sometimes too many). She likes music, art, and watching obscure documentaries. She also plays guitar in a band and likes to colour her hair various shades of red. In her spare time, you can probably find her at a gig or in a record store, trying to find vintage records to add to her collection.


Radio Coordinator: Amy Kimball
Media (Screen and Sound Production) – 3rd year
Amy loves to talk herself out of things, but now has somehow talked herself into running a radio station. She loves film, TV, entertainment, and freaking out about finding a job in these areas. In her spare time she enjoys referring to herself in the third person.



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