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Yes, She Can

Yes, She Can

There’s no mountain too high, no weight too heavy, no obstacle too tough, because she can do it!

The She Can campaign run by Arc Sport was inspired by the government’s ‘Girls Make Your Move’ initiative. Sticking to the same agenda of encouraging girls to feel confident and empowered in their bodies, She Can debuted in Semester 1 this year, with action packed, female only, fitness classes and sport pop ups. The general disparity of female representation in sports teams on campus is what drove the aims of the She Can movement to provide girls with confidence in pursuing their sport interests.

Gemma, the coordinator of She Can believes that the media and advertisements have cultivated stereotypes of women that steer females audiences away from getting sweaty and dirty.

Further, the popularity of male-dominated and male-only sports continues to dominate screen time, with a seeming lack of media interest in female sports.

“Loads of people will tune in to watch the 100 meter sprint with Usain Bolt but I bet you, no one could name anyone in the line-up for the female 100 meter sprint,” says Gemma.

This, reinforces the gender normative nature of sport and can be attributed to pushing girls away from pursuing an interest in being active and sport.

Luckily, She Can aims to break down barriers and gender stereotypes by encouraging females to get moving whether it’s by picking up sporting equipment and playing or attending the fitness classes, or sporting pop ups throughout the semester.

The line up for events in Semester 2 include Martial Arts, potentially weekend waterskiing and wakeboarding getaways and all female social events. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a single cent because the pop ups and fitness classes are free!

“You’ll never remember the lecture that you went to but you’ll always remember the sport clubs and the friends that you met through your sport” says Gemma.

So what are you waiting for? Get up, get active, and get started on making some memories you’re sure to remember.

GET MOVING by signing up to the She Can fitness classes and sporting pop ups.



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