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Why are this years bachelorettes so mean?

Why Are This Year’s Bachelorettes So Mean?

This year’s version of The Bachelor is different. The contestants are… how would mum say it? Strong willed? Fiercely independent? Highly strung? Oh hell I’ll say it, they’re mean.

You know what? They’re not just plain old mean. They are some Regina George, Blair Waldorf, Cersei Lannister level mean girls. Every year has had its villains, last year’s Keira being a stand out, but this year the ratio of girl-next-door goodies to love-to-hate-them baddies has plummeted in favour of the baddies.

The top contenders for queen of darkness were recently departed Leah and Jennifer but they have left behind many other questionable characters. The cheating Dutch Florence, unexpected bursts of aggression Coby, the under bus throwers Elora and Simone. Even kind of wholesome Elise and Tara aren’t above the occasional scathing comment. The only remaining bachelorette who hasn’t been featured saying something nasty is Laura. A sure sign she is the winner (seriously wait for it, I’ll seem psychic).

So why the shift? Why is this years crop of girls so much more devilish than years past? The American version has long been working under this format, but Australia used to stick to a slightly more 1950’s romance style of good girls and underdogs to comprise their bachelorettes. To answer this question I have a few theories.

Mean is in. The age of heart-warming feel good TV died with the success of breaking bad and Game of Thrones. The Pandora’s box of human awfulness was unleashed and Australia’s TV viewership was enthralled. And why not? Watching people unleash the savage thoughts that we all keep neatly contained in our heads is therapeutic…I guess.

Dating shows are overdone. Last year the dating shows came thick and heavy; The Bachelor, The bachelorette, First dates, MAFS and The Last Resort all showing one after the other. It was an overload of dysfunctional relationships and too much tongue kissing. Instead of trying to force even more romance down Australia’s throat I think the producers thought “ah screw it, let’s just make this season total anarchy”. Then proceed to scout out cast members from the comments section of Youtube videos.

Matty J is a terrible judge of character who will believe anything he’s told without question. I can’t help but notice the complete lack of scepticism on Matty J’s gorgeous face when one of the girls feeds him a big steaming pile of bull excrement. It’s like he got dropped on his head and the only part of his brain that was damaged was his ability to read people. I’m wondering if Leah sat him down on the first night and told him all the nice girls were puppy hunters, baby pokers or I don’t know… not polygamous. Perhaps there was some Snezana Markoski type nice girls who all got booted by their group boyfriend in the first few episodes.

To the new breed of not so nice Bachelorette I say, fight on. Nothing helps me to forget the stresses of uni and life like watching dozens of women tear each other to shreds like gladiators of passive aggression. Besides, dressing up as a bachelorette for this years Halloween party will be the cheapest costume I ever bought.



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