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Words Of The Internet: Extra

EXTRA – The use of it, is to be it.

You may have heard it, seen it, meme-ed it, used it ironically, or even used it ironically so many times that for better or for worse, it has now embedded itself into your daily vocabulary. Either way, the word ‘extra’ has entered the intriguing word of the Internet and will stay there until another word takes it’s place.

Before it’s inevitable death, there are questions begging to be answered. Such as: What does ‘extra’ even mean? What is extra … really?

While this may not typically be the top definition for the word, the always trustworthy ever faithfully Urban Dictionary stood out to implore the most empathy evoking definition.

Urban Dictionary


(thank you Performingfartist for your insight.)

Synonyms for ‘extra’ include dramatic, excessive, and too much. ‘Extra’ does not seem to operate as a positive bonus to one’s individual, delightful character but rather as a flagrant oversizing of one’s self, taking up more room in the general make up of the universe.

So how does one integrate this word into casual conversation?

The answer – however and whenever you want to (see examples below)

“My chair is just being so extra today”

“Oh her? She’s just so extra”

“This assignment is just so extra”

“Does this come with extra fries?”

Fun activities to do with ‘extra’

  1. Find a friend whose reaction to being called ‘extra’ is by itself a spectacle of ‘extra’.
  2. Proceed to call him/her ‘extra’ at every available opportunity (relevant situations are irrelevant)
  3. Sit back and watch your handiwork.
  4. Repeat

As it is with most words birthed by the Internet, enjoy it while it lasts.



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