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Words Of The Internet: Triggered

Words Of The Internet: Triggered

To say it is to cause it.

PSA – Trigger Warning.

What does triggered mean to you?

  1. Induced/caused
  2. To retreat into one’s own neck in anger
  3. gif of a red beanie-d man violently convulsing
  4. Blind, ill placed anger
  5. That One Friend.

This word in the hands of the right/wrong friend can bring about the end of friendships. Or should I say…trigger the end of friendships.

This word can be used and abused so many times that it soon loses all meaning.

To put this ironically.

It will bring out the worst in you.

It will rally the forces of your temper.

You will look at that former friend who said the word, and now smirks at it’s effect, and you will……………..get triggered.

That said, when used sparingly triggered is just plain fun to say. The reactions are glorious and you will feel that sense of power that only a fortune teller or a weekly magazine horoscope writer who is out of ideas will feel when they see their prophecy come to life.

Triggered is what you said and triggered is what they become, rising like a phoenix from the peace and calm that reigned before you said it.

As it is with most words birthed by the internet, enjoy responsibly.



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