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Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who are inspired by amazing tv shows where character growth is abound and feel that if a tiny smol bean can do anything, you can too! And then there are those who feel even worse than before. If you’re the first kind, have fun binge watching all these shows and becoming proud parents of a bunch of mismatched characters through your laptop screens.

Parks and Recreation

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

This happy go lucky show gets you right off the bat with a theme song that sounds like the inside of a golden retriever’s head. It’s about a government employee, Leslie Knope, and her efforts to make her hometown, Pawnee, a better place. Watching her overcome each obstacle that comes her way with a smile on her face and her friends by her side makes you want to believe that even you could someday deal with people putting their ENTIRE MOUTHS over the faucet of a bubbler achieve your dreams.

Modern Family

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

This show centres on a large and very diverse family with their fair share of hilarious hijinks and shenanigans. Although they may end up fighting at times, the end of each episode is always filled with a heart-warming montage of the family together in their element, showing their love for each other.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

A mismatched gang of police officers made up of “two black dads, and two Latina daughters, and two white sons, and…some strange giant baby” catch bad guys and look good doing it. This show turns stereotypes on its head, even the ones that you missed. The emotional growth by each character in this show is amazing, and it doesn’t matter if you end up in stitches by the end of the episode, because the wholesome love all the characters have for each other will heal you anyway.

Bob’s Burgers

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

An everyday show about an ordinary family, its strength lies in the realistic representation of each of their characters and their behaviour. Tina, the eldest child is testing the waters of puberty but doesn’t let it get her confidence down. Louise is the evil mastermind middle child who’s softer than she looks. Gene is the youngest child and is sort of left to his own devices but ends up with a personality rivalling his older sisters. The parents Bob and Linda round up this wholesome family, playing the exasperated dad trying to keep it all together and the responsible version of a wine Aunt respectively. Filled with background characters that similarly give love and support to the main family, this show is perfect for when you want to turn your brain off and watch the wholesome love a family has for each other and their imperfect life.

The Good Place

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

A not-so-good woman named Eleanor mistakenly gets sent to “The good place” after her sudden death. After hearing about the horrors that go down in “The Bad Place”, she resolves to earn her place in the Good Place. She enlists the help of her neighbours and eventual friends to learn about ethics, morality, and how to be an overall good person. At first, it seems impossible, but watching her slow progression into a decent human being makes it all the while.

Jane the Virgin

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

In this telenovela style rom-com, Jane Villanueva finds herself accidentally artificially inseminated, as the narrator will tell you at the beginning of every episode. The baby daddy happens to be her crush from when she was a teenager and is also her boss. There’s a twist at seemingly every minute in this show which keeps your anxiety levels pumping. However, the way the characters make choices and hold themselves accountable for their actions is enough to make your heart sing its way through the pain and anxiety. Your five assignments due at the end of the week feel like nothing when you’re watching Jane solve all her problems.

The Return of Superman

Wholesome TV Shows to Watch When Life Gets You Down

A Korean variety show about celebrity dads taking care of their kids alone for 48 hours. The show follows each child and shows us life from their perspective, turning their everyday life into monumental accomplishments. Completes with humorous captions, editing and heart-warming interviews from the parents included, you’ll feel your heart becoming lighter and all your worries washing away when you see the kids first learning to walk or say “dad’. Watching it makes you feel like you should have kids too, but then you realise you’re a flailing university student and practically a kid yourself.



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