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What Australian Bloom are you?

Which Australian Bloom are you?

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. So which Australian Native best suits your student style, or that of your friends?


What Australian Bloom are you?

Filled with kindness and warmth, these students are often seen running bake sales for their charity of choice or supporting their fellow students through a rough spot. They are the strong, optimistic types and the only people on Earth that would call themselves “morning people”. They can grow anywhere but flourish particularly well when surrounded by puppies and other adorable animals.

Australian Flannel

What Australian Bloom are you?

A studious perfectionist that grows wild in the university library. They are always in class on time and their academic record is spotless.

Eucalyptus Blossom

What Australian Bloom are you?

This student is the party planner. Like walking fireworks they always seem to be in the midst of the action. Often involved in every extra curricular the uni has available they gather in bunches with their fellow volunteers spreading fun and friendship. You’ll find them in the Arc office, making videos, cooking a delicious batch of pancakes or orchestrating the next big student event.


What Australian Bloom are you?

This student is just a little bit suspicious looking. They’re often the tall, silent type and a little bit prickly. You’ll find them queuing up at the uni coffee stands, coffee being a natural source of sustenance for this variety of student.

Kangaroo Paw

What Australian Bloom are you?

This student is just a little bit alternative. Often dressed in bright, elegant and striking combinations of clothing they always catch the eye. Along with style these students tend to be loaded up with creativity. For this reason they are especially common on the Art Design Campus of UNSW.


What Australian Bloom are you?

This person is fly AF. They spend most of their time in tutorial charming their fellow students. However those that spend time with them might find they wake in the morning with a suspicious itching feeling.


What Australian Bloom are you?

These are overachievers. Good looking, wildly popular, sporting and often academically gifted to boot. These students are too talented for their own good. You can find them strutting their stuff across Instagram as well as handing out flyers for whatever sports team they’re captaining.



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