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What’s On: Pop-Up Pictures

There’s no denying that we all love going to the movies. I have many fond memories of my childhood going with my family to the cinema to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Nothing beats watching Home Alone, Mrs Doubtfire, or The Lion King on a huge screen with surround sound, in those comfortable arm chairs.

Maybe it’s the the smell of the popcorn, the booming sounds that reverberate from the speakers, or the crowd’s reaction when the movie reaches a climax that just draws me in. Call me a sentimental fool, but I can’t help falling in love with the magic of the big screen.

If you’re no stranger to the glee that movies bring, then boy do I have some good news for you. Arc runs Pop-Up Pictures every Wednesday. What are Pop-Up Pictures? Simply put, they are UNSW’s outdoor cinema, bringing you throwbacks, classic hits and must-see movies.

Pop-Up Pictures will be screening favourites like Up, Silver Linings Playbook, Hot Fuzz, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And best of all – it’s completely FREE! Bring along your rugs, picnic chairs, snacks, and friends, or that special someone 😉 Did I mention the FREE popcorn? Come down to the Alumni Lawn early (screenings start at 7pm) for the freshest popcorn and prime spots to enjoy the night under the stars.

There’s really no excuses not come. So I guess I’ll see you there!



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