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What's Next for Riverdale? Best season finale conspiracies

What’s Next For Riverdale?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for ep. 13 of Riverdale and crazy tumblr conspiracy theories, proceed at your own risk. 

Season 1 of Riverdale was full of moments that left us #SHOOKETH, from finding out about the crazy Blossom third-cousin-action to finally discovering who killed Jason, it’s been a wild ride. And while some mysteries were solved, we have even more questions than before, like, whether Fred will die from that gunshot… and while we are at it, who even shot him? And what’s the deal with Betty’s lost older brother? Also, why did Cheryl really burn down Thornhill? Knowing the Riverdale universe, all these things are somehow related and they will all unfold a series of (even more) unfortunate events.

Rumour has it, season 2 will begin filming in the upcoming months but won’t be released until spring next year, which is an awfully long time away. But on the bright side, it gives us more time to drool over Jughead and come up with crazy theories for season 2. Something that the wonderful people of the internet love to do and are already doing btw. So to get you started on your own theories we gathered some of the craziest ones on offer so far.

Joaquin is FP and Alice’s son.

So, according to this theory, Betty’s lost brother is actually Joaquin! This would explain why there seems to be so much sexual tension between FP and Alice. FP mentioned that Alice used to live in the Southside of town which means they both grew up together. Joaquin physically resembles FP with the black hair AND has big bright eyes like Alice, Betty and Polly… FP is also very protective of Joaquin for no apparent reason, and we don’t know anything about Joaquin’s parents yet. It would also explain why Hal was so angry at Alice when he found out about the pregnancy and even made her give the baby up…

Cheryl and her mum killed Clifford

Everyone knows Cheryl’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets, and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if she did kill someone. I mean, she’s already nailed the death stare and throws enough shade to end everyone’s miserable existence. Oh, that and the fact that she burnt down the family’s mansion without flinching while her Nanna was probably STILL inside! Perhaps the Blossom’s signature red hair is more than a quirky characteristic and they actually acquire the colour by bathing in the blood of their enemies.

Betty’s lost brother shot Fred

Ok, this one is a little vague but it is making the rounds within the Riverdale fanbase regardless. The fact that we find out about a lost Cooper Brother and then Fred gets shot in the same episode, is most likely NOT a coincidence. We will definitely find more about said bro next season, and what best way to involve him in the drama that is Riverdale than by making him come back for revenge!? We’re not sure what the motive could be and even though Fred seems pretty clean so far, nothing is as it seems in that little town.

Buckle up people, next season will be crazier than the first!

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