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The Weirdest Foods Ever

The Weirdest Foods Ever

Food glorious food what a glorious strange feeling. Everybody loves good nosh, and with the Student Cookbook launch this week, we’ve all got food on our minds. But what about those meals that surpass the boundaries of gourmet, fusion or hipster cool right into the realm of weird food. Read on to hear about some of the oddest culinary adventures imaginable.

Chicken Liver Pizza

Chicken liver has one of the highest iron contents of any meat product available. One day a particularly anaemic girl determined to make this chewy, bitter meat palatable tried putting it on pizza. She loaded it with onions, tomatoes and piles of cheese but alas two bites in she was throwing it back up. Guess it’s true what they say, you can’t polish a turd.

The Weirdest Foods Ever

Cow Tongue

Usually when one is on a date the only tongue they want down their throat is their partners. On one particularly interesting night a UNSW student and her boyfriend decided to try something different and go for the seared and fried cows tongue. She tells me it was “thick and tender” and “beautifully cooked”. Guess those two don’t need a goodnight kiss.


The Weirdest Foods Ever

Scorpion lollipop

When Charlie was wandering through the chocolate factory I don’t remember him sighting a whole lot of scorpions. Yet when one student walked into a hammock store what she walked out with was a scorpion centred lollipop, and here I was thinking bubblegum was exiting enough. As Timone and Pumba once said “mmm crunchy”.


The Weirdest Foods Ever

Honeycomb off the Branch

Winnie the Pooh there’s a new kid in town. One business studies student was in Thailand visiting a honey farm when the farmer handed him a fresh wad off honeycomb off the branch. Apparently it was very, very sweet “almost too sweet”. I guess its not so yummy honey poo bear.

The Weirdest Foods Ever

Fairy floss and flower covered pancakes

Good plus good does not always equal great. At a local café that shall go unnamed one student ordered pancakes for breakfast and found them covered in purple wildflowers and pink fairy floss. While fairy floss goes great with a trip to Luna park I’m not so sure about it being added to the breakfast menu. Try again hipsters.


The Weirdest Foods Ever

Bird Saliva

Perhaps the oddest of all these strange food stories is Bird Saliva. An environmental science student was recently visiting China when someone offered him a soup made of bird’s saliva. Apparently the saliva is harvested from nests made entirely of the stuff that is said to be to be full of nutrients. Think I’ll stick to multivitamin capsules myself.


The Weirdest Foods Ever


So there you have it, the weirdest foods imaginable. Can you think of anything even stranger that has crossed your palette?



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