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What to Watch, Mid-Sem Style

What to Watch, Mid-Sem Style

As summer starts to roll in and we head towards the full swing of finals, the heat is on. So take the mid-sem break to chill out and re-energise with these futuristic fantasies. Here’s what to watch, mid-sem style.


Ever dreamt of having perfect recall and amazing productivity? Solving problems in the blink of an eye? Well then this comedy-drama-sci-fi-FBI-thriller based on the 2011 film by the same name, is just for you.

While the series does drag on a little with a hole-ridden narrative, the comic style makes for a perfect chilled watch.

Catch it now on Netflix.


Amidst the mayhem of modern day this time-travel fantasy delves into a complex plot on the survival of humanity. Avoiding the conundrum of time loops, the consciousness of people from a devastated future are sent to inhabit bodies from the past in missions to save the Earth.

While light on the science, this funny yet freaky, action-packed series makes for a good rainy day watch.

Watch it now on Netflix.


Another sci-fi cop thriller based on a movie by the same name, Frequency is on the fringe of time-travel as the series how communication with the past can alter the future.

While the series was cancelled after its first season, it is definitely still a cliff hanger worth the watch.

Catch it on Netflix.

The OA

Yet another intense sci-fi series, The OA has a complex, confusing and convoluted plot that some how plays to every emotional nerve ending and leaves you begging for more.

Who doesn’t need a kidnapping turned human experiment other worldly experience in their life?

Watch it now on Netflix.


Looking for four seasons of alternate universe, time-travel against a pro-corporate anti-democracy future? Continuum is it.

In an interesting twist, this show keeps you on the edge of your seat by setting an anti-democracy protagonist to somehow win over our mostly liberal hearts.

Need to know how? Catch it on Netflix.




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Cheryl loves not knowing what to do, including what to write for this bio. She occupies her time with different hobbies, although she isn’t entirely sure if reading and watching Netflix for hours on end as a form of procrastination count as hobbies. You can probably find Cheryl in a comfy chair somewhere, pretending to be productive.

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