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5 Things To Do While You Wait For The 891

Things To Do While Waiting For The 891

15 minutes into waiting and chill and there are no buses on the horizon.

You’ve already switched between all your apps, watched every single story, and scrolled down on your feed, for what feels like a kilometre. There’s just no way around it, you have to wait, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a waste of time! Here are five things you can do, to ensure you make the most of your precious bus waiting experience.

Watch a 10 Hour Youtube Video

Nothing is better than being able to watch pointless videos for longer than 25 seconds without having to press the replay button! And let’s face it, you’re going to be waiting for a while so you might as well harmonise it to He-Man singing ‘What’s Going On’… Name a more iconic youtube video, I’ll wait.

Pick Up a New Hobby

You know how you keep saying you’d learn how to play the guitar or totally practice your Spanish skills on duolingo, if only you had the time? Well, you know what they say, there’s no time like the present! So get practising, amigo.

Sing Your Heart Out

Montage song breaks are an excellent way to speed up time according to Hollywood movies, and who says you can’t have your own? Channel your inner Troy Bolton and unleash your frustrations through some fabulous jazz fingers, maybe you’ll find your Gabriella. Singing in the rain, anyone?

Get a PhD

If music is really not your thing plus you really want to be productive, just start looking into your future PhD research. By the time you finally get on the bus chances are you’ll be one semester ahead of everyone else.

Fix the 891 Queue

Are you fluent in four languages already? Have you mastered the art of interpretative dance? Are you just tired of waiting and screaming ‘please for the love of god let me go home’ to the skies? Well, we don’t blame you, we are too. Put an end to this ridiculousness with the petition to fix the bus queue and provide adequate shelter. Head to Arc Reception and sign the petition next time you’re around. Because really, singing in the rain isn’t as fun as the movies make it out to be.


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