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Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories make us question everything, from the food we eat to the actions of our government but perhaps most interesting of all, are conspiracies about those we know and love, celebrities.

RIP Paul McCartney

Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

According to a group of American college students from Drake University in Iowa, The Beatles member died in 1966 and a look-alike imposter is in his place. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to this whacked out theory.


  1. In his songs:

          Fans of this theory are convinced that there are hidden messages in the songs when played backwards.

  1. The cover of Abbey Road can be interpreted as a funeral procession:

 John Lennon dressed in white symbolizes a heavenly figure, while Ringo Starr in black signifies the undertaker. George Harrison in denim signifies the gravedigger and barefoot McCartney, who is out of step with the others, symbolizes the corpse.



This is a classic case of celebrity conspiracy death theory that follows the likes of Avril Lavigne’s “death” in 2002 and how Tupac is still alive today. But, the detailed intuitive interpretations of this case place it relatively high at a four.


Is JonBenét Ramsey Katy Perry?

Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

The mind boggling 1996 unsolved murder of child pageant queen JonBenét at the age of six has been a target for many conspiracy theories. An Internet theory in 2014 suggests that JonBenét went into hiding and later emerged as Katy Perry.


  1. Ramsey and Perry apparently look similar
    The theory goes that they share similar looking eyebrows and even their parents resemble each other.
  2. Katy Perry’s music has a common theme of rebirth
  3. Katy said it herself:
    A YouTuber pointed out that Perry’s memoir stated, “Not that I was one of those stage kids. There was no JonBenét Ramsey inside of me waiting to burst out.”



Katy Perry was born six years before Ramsey in 1984 and there are images of Perry as a kid. Plus, ideas of rebirth are very common (i.e. Lady Gaga’s Born this Way) and it is most likely meant in a metaphorical manner.


Beyoncé and the Illuminati

Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy TheoriesOne of the biggest conspiracies of the Internet age is the Illuminati. Throw in Queen Bey into the mix and you get the biggest OMG theory. Whether you believe in the Illuminati or not, their website states the elusive secret organisation’s extremely altruistic utopian ideals for the world. To top it off, there is an entire website dedicated to listing Beyoncé’s connections to the Illuminati.


  1. In her music:

Bey sang “Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess” in her 2016 hit, Formation. It could highly likely be a way of diverting our attention while signalling her alliance with the world order.

  1. Her daughter’s name:

Fans of this theory believe that her oldest child, Blue Ivy, has Illuminati connections in her name. They suggest that her name stands for Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest.

  1. Jay-Z’s record label:

A defining characteristic of the Illuminati is their pyramid.  Jay-Z’s record label’s logo has a close resemblance to a pyramid. Enough said. 



Beyoncé said it herself. Seems like something to hide, Queen Bey.


Taylor Swift, the Internet troll?

Wacky Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

It is believed that Miss Swifty is a regular user of the anonymous Internet site, 4chan.


  1. She has told a 4chan user (indirectly):

The alleged “Taylor Swift” invited users to ask her questions while claiming to be “one of the 50 most famous people on the planet” for being an “entertainer”.

  1. Pictures speak louder than words:

Apparently, an image uploaded onto 4chan by “Swift” matches the background of a location that the real Taylor has included in her social media accounts. 

  1. Her cat Meredith:

There have been claims that her cat was named by 4chan users. The story goes that a day after “Swift” asked for name suggestions on 4chan and multiple users agreed to the name “Meredith”, the real Taylor posted on her official social media accounts that her cat has been named as such.

  1. Matching to her actual social media accounts:

“Swift” posted Sup /b/? Nothing quite like a freezing cold, wintery beach” on 4chan. That very day, real Taylor posted an image on Instagram with a similar tagline.



The evidence seems to be piling up with no direct denial from Swift herself. The Instagram post of the wintery beach has since been removed from her official Instagram page. However, the contents still appear on Google, because once somethings posted online, it lives forever. Why take down the post Taylor? Got something to hide?



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