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UNSW’s Nuttiest Society – NUTS

The New South Wales University Theatrical Society (fondly known as NUTS by its members) is the perfect avenue for you to let out all your creative urges.

NUTS is also a great medium to forge friendships with a wonderful exuberant family of actors, writers, techies, designers, and all sorts of theatre lovers. There are countless opportunities to get involved in NUTS this year. In O-Week, we’ll have a stall where you can sign up and meet some of our friendly members, auditions for our second show of the year – Punk Rock, writing workshops for our hilarious showcase of student written skits – Domestic, and a pub-crawl on Friday night to top it all off!

In Week 1, there’ll be a launch party for our first season of shows for 2017, auditions for Domestic and a couple of exciting workshops including our ‘get-fit-or-die-trying’ initiative – Sweaty NUTS. From Week 2 onwards, we’ll have a huge variety of shows, including our exciting new production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Domestic – our raunchy Welcome Back Cabaret, and the biting contemporary play – Punk Rock.

Being involved in NUTS has brought about amazing opportunities allowing me to get involved in incredibly high quality productions, and learn about the practical (and immensely fun) side of theatre.

“I’ve found a hilarious family of nutters, not just through involvement in shows but also through the society’s many social events.”

I’m also directing a bold new production of The Tempest, which is proving to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

The Tempest is Shakespeare’s last and most self-aware work, set on an enchanted island filled with spirits and monsters, where an overthrown Duke, Prospero, has lived with his innocent daughter, Miranda, for the past twelve years. When Prospero and his sidekick Ariel conjure up a tempest and strand all of Prospero’s enemies on the island, things change. Miranda falls in love with the first man she meets, a hilarious duo of lords plot to usurp Prospero’s usurper, and the enslaved spirit Caliban tastes alcohol for the first time and adopts the drunkard Stephano as his god.

In this production, we’re bringing a unique emphasis on physical performance to the play, and integrating live music, dance sequences, and silk aerials in order to heighten the play’s sense of metatheatricality, and its interest in the bittersweet impermanence of both art and life.

Don’t forget to pop by the NUTS stall during O-Week to get involved in an amazing theatrical world!

“Joining NUTS was the best $5 I’ve ever spent.”


By Casuarina O’Brien – President of NUTS and Director of The Tempest



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