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Unsung Heroes of UNSW

Unsung Heroes of UNSW

We all sing praises to the people at UNSW that help us survive the semester: our lecturers, older students and our tute friends. But there are a few people we so often forget! Shout-out to the backstage crew, our guardian angels, the unsung heroes of UNSW.  


These guys and gals work behind coffee machines, like a well-oiled machine allowing you to shed your zombie-like state, just in time for your 9am class. They don’t just froth  milk, and grind beans during peak hour, they prevent us from scribbling incomprehensible notes in our sleepy state. Our grades thank you, baristas – especially those at The Whitehouse who are there from early morning to late night, supplying sustenance to even the latest wakers.

Baristas of UNSW – we love you a latte!

Arc Wellness 

Suffering from a case of the blues? Struggling to concentrate in class? Need someone to help you get back on track? Arc Wellness is there to help. They run fortnightly pop-ups, from Yoga and Mindfulness classes to the Pat-a Pooch room (basically a room full of puppies to play with) and Stress Less Week, helping us put our health and happiness first.

Clubs & Societies 

We wouldn’t have much of a social life without all those clubs and societies ensuring our time at uni is filled with tons of fun! There over 200 clubs and societies around campus, from PhotoClub and Chess Club to the United Nations Society and Circus Society. Whatever your interests, there’s bound to be a club for it, and if one doesn’t exist you can start your own!

Campus Security

They may not directly assist us with our assignments, but Campus Security do help us sleep at night (especially if you live on campus). Keeping us safe behind the scenes, the lovely security staff are always a call away if we ever have concerns for our safety. Without their green shirts and expertise, our campus wouldn’t be as safe as it is.



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