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Uni Student Stoked Her Yeezys Survive Rainy Month

Uni Student Stoked Her Yeezys Survive Rainy Month

A local university student is “… stoked…” her Yeezys have survived yet another rainy month despite it being Australia’s token warmer month, essentially proving the existence of global warming.

Ellen Simons, 20, currently in her third year of social work at UNSW, had purchased her allegedly “… legit…” Yeezy Pirate Black 350s from a recent trip to Thailand. Simons was very open to expressing relief and elation when prompted by the press, and had a lot to say regarding the matter.

“Yeah… it was really touch and go for a while there. I even brought in a second pair of beaters to change out, and walk around campus with before putting them back on indoors, you know?” comments Simons. “There was a day when I forgot, and just had to cop the elements. Thankfully, we all made it out alive.”

“She’s not fooling anyone. They’re very clearly knock offs,” says Scott Ewart, 20, on campus “crep” expert. “Anyone that thinks the Yeezys from Thailand that were cheaper than a deck of smokes at your local servo, are legit, is truly lost.”

“Hey is this that #fakenews that Trump is always going on about?” says Mannuel Ferrer, 22, clueless bystander. “Why does this matter again?”

Simons has since gone on to purchase another pair of what she deems to qualify as authentic Adidas apparel, in order to complete the #basic outfit. Friends and acquaintances are reportedly already tired of hearing about it.

“Some might say it was overkill, but you have to commit to the flex,” Simons went on to say. “You’ve got to commit to the flex.”



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