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Uni Student Celebrates Living in First World Country After Vacation to South-East Asia

Uni Student Celebrates Living In First World Country After Holiday To South-East Asia

A local university student has begun celebrating the fact that he lives in a first world country after returning from a month long holiday around South-East Asia.

Darren Hill, 19, currently studying a bachelor of psychology at UTS, expressed his gratitude for Australia’s standard of living, going into detail on what he endured while abroad. Pundits have characterized his mental process as “… severe culture shock…”, while several other experts have labelled it a “… solid privilege check…”, thereby making him “… less of a dick…”.

“Pretty standard, really,” comments Jane Pinto, 36, CSIRO researcher of youth-travel studies. “Make a bloke that’s lived his entire life in Bronte and encountered five ethnic people ever, squat over a cement hole with no toilet paper and he’s bound to be grateful.”

“I remember the first time I went to Thailand,” says Hugh Reed, 43, ambassador of STA travel. “I went to this club, and thought I lucked out when I picked up this cute looking girl. She wasn’t a girl. I don’t want to talk about how that… came up.” When prompted for further comments, Reed simply mentioned picking up was easier at home, and declined to speak any further.

“You know what, I’ll never complain about the traffic here again, or having to wait for a drink at The Sheaf,” says Hill, “I saw a homeless man bareknuckle box a scarily large frog for some scraps. I think I’m good here.”

Hill has since planned to visit South-Africa on his next holiday. Developments to come.



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