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Uni Contributor Runs Out of Motivation To Compose Punchline Article

Uni Contributor Runs Out Of Motivation To Compose Punchy Article

[Satirical set-up here, try make it topical and format the same way a news site would.] [Additional follow up joke to elaborate on premise– make sure premise is clear.]


[Fake quote from exaggerated character (A)– either really in on the concept or painfully oblivious.] [Build on character based on archetypes.] [Additional quote.]


[Another fake quote from character in on the joke (B)– try make it an expert of the field.]


[One more fake quote from character who is somehow personally associated with first character, the wearier the better.]


[Snarky line about the situation at hand under the guise of professionalism, and/or elaborate on situation at hand.]


[Additional quote from B/C.]


[Additional quote from B/C.]


[Final zinger quote from A.]


[Squeeze in final joke to re-cap situation, preferably to foreshadow a future scenario.]


[Combinations may be mixed and altered according to the premise of the article, same with characters. Maybe they’re all experts/victims of a phenomena. Freestyle it yo.]


Updates to come.




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