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Uni Bucket List

Uni Bucket List

Whether you’re a fresh-faced first-year or you’ve been around for a few years, there are a few things that every UNSW student must check off their bucket list before they graduate. On behalf of Blitz, here are a few:

Join Arc 

Arc is UNSW’s student organisation that’s run by students, for students. Arc will keep you in the loop about what’s going down on campus and allow you to join clubs and societies like PhotoClub and the Secret Society. You’ll also get some awesome discounts both on and off-campus – uni parties included – so get on it.

Grab merch from The Grad Shop

A significant rite of passage. Getting a shirt, hoodie or notebook with the elegant UNSW crest and ‘UNSW’ plastered on the front keeps the UNSW pride alive and makes sure that no one will confuse you for a USyd student when you’re travelling to and from uni.

Uni Bucket List

Join a Society or a Club

From the Circus Society to the Origami Society to the Comedy Club, UNSW has an array of different clubs and societies that will help you find your squad. Arc has every kind of club you could want – and if they aren’t your jam, start your own!

Intern / Volunteer

You won’t just gain a line on your résumé from this one. Travel the world with Global Village, help out indigenous communities with Walama Muru, or pass on your HSC knowledge on to high school kids with Shack Tutoring. Make the most of uni while you’re here and bulk up your extra-curriculars.

Uni Bucket List

Walk from lower campus to upper campus

Whether you take the picturesque Main Walkway, up the rainbow coloured Basser Steps or the sidewalk alongside High Street, every UNSW student must, at some point or another, walk from Lower Campus to Upper Campus. Whether it be for a class, to meet a friend, for an ATM or Express Bus access, you can’t be a true UNSW grad until you can speak (and complain) from experience about how every day at UNSW is leg day.



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