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Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

TV Shows To Watch During Mid-Sem Break

Midsem break is here. You’re ready to catch up on all those missed lectures and future assignments. Right?

Of course not. The break simply means more time for us to procrastinate. As a certified TV show addict, I’ve got you covered. Here are some new-ish shows to get you through the tough times.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Was anyone else obsessed with this book series growing up? Well, good news! As great as the 2004 movie adaptation was, the TV show is even better.

With its trademark humour and sheer absurdness, this show is addictive. Add in Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and you get the perfect binge-watching material.

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

13 reasons why

You may have heard about a book with the same name. It follows the tales on 13 tapes that a teenage girl recorded before committing suicide. This show doesn’t shy away from intense themes like suicide, rape, stalking, bullying and a lot of messed up characters. Relaxing, right?

Nothing puts your problems more in perspective than watching the terrible life of others. So by all means, go for it.

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

The Magicians

Okay, considering this show is in the middle of its second season, it’s not that new, but it still counts as new-ish. There are simply not enough people watching this gem. Do you like Harry Potter? Do you like Narnia? This show is a combination of both with messed up college students as the main characters and a lot more death, violence, and sex.

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

Tangled: The Series

Don’t look at me like that. It’s perfectly reasonable for any university student to watch the adventures of a princess with magical hair. What’s not to love?

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break


How does a western theme park where people in the future go to play out their darkest, most twisted fantasies sound? If it sounds like a perfect way to spent the weekend, this show is for you. It’s the newest HBO sensation (so expect plenty of gory details, nudity, and disturbing scenes) This show will mess with your mind and destroy your innocence. It’s great.

Five New TV Shows to Watch During Your Break

None of these sound like the right fit for you? Well, you can always watch Friends for the millionth time.

Whatever you watch, watch something! What good is a break for anything other than bingeing TV shows? If you spent it any other way, can you even be considered a university student?



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