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TV Review: The Good Place

TV Review: The Good Place

You know that feeling when you’ve just finished a whopping meal, and you’re in a complete state of bliss… and then suddenly, you end up bloated with stomach cramps? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I finished the first season of The Good Place. 

The show begins with Eleanor Shellstrop who dies and is accidentally placed in The Good Place, a neighbourhood within HeavenConvinced they’ve got the wrong Eleanor, she spends her afterlife learning how to be a good person and simultaneously redeem herself.

As soon as you watch the first episode, you’re reeled in; hook, line and sinker. While the usual banter and eccentric characters you’d expect from a sitcom is ever present, there is something completely fresh about this show. This comedy cocktail of fantasy, drama, and philosophy has a style of its own.

Prepare yourself for the ending, as there’s a twist so carefully executed and whip-smart, that you’ll leave you gobsmacked. I honestly thought I was being emotionally attacked (but in a good way).#thefeelsarereal

With great performances from the entire cast, you’ll undoubtedly end up in a love-hate relationship with every single character. If you like the idea of a snarky Parks & Recreation with supernatural elements, this show is perfect for you!

Watch it and you’ll be in Heaven. Literally.




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