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TV Review: Drunk History

TV Review: Drunk History

Drunk History is exactly what it sounds like.

Historical anecdotes by those who love a sneaky bevvie at the Greenhouse. The show features popular personalities drinking until they are plastered and then giving us a history lesson. Actors, including Ryan Gosling, Jack Black and Zoey Deschanel, lip sync to the drunk history lesson whilst dramatically acting it out. Created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, this TV Show is hilariously addictive, making you question what you’re really like when your drunk. The short 22 minute episodes allows you to binge watch the show successfully in one night, or watch during a ‘study break’.

Derek Waters often neutral expression and attempts to help the inebriated, who act like toddlers who can’t sit still, creates a parody of serious documentaries. With obviously low budget sets and costumes, the show retains a slap stick style comedy that has you in stitches.

Albeit a genius concept, Drunk History has only US and UK versions and therefore the history is based on those countries. The two countries renditions also differ (‘The Office’ style); the US version of Drunk History is superior, raw and unfiltered, whereas the U.K. version seems gimmicky and rehearsed. Hopefully, a Downunder version is not too far off ft. goon and Ned Kelly.

8/10 – Satisfies my inner history buff but points off for the amount of sick you see.

You can stream Drunk History US Season 1 on Stan and watch out for the reruns on SBS.



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