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Top Guinness World Records

Top Guinness World Records

Now that the semester is coming almost to an end, it’s time to do something crazy but achievable, like putting yourself in the book of Guinness World Records. The Records prove that humans can be completely bonkers. Here are our top ten favourite achievements to date.

The Largest Group Twerk

Remember 2013? That’s when twerking became hip. In September 2013, an event of 406 people twerking in New Orleans broke the record for the largest number of people showing off the move.

Top Ten Guinness World Records

Most Beer Mugs Carried

A man managed to carry 27 mugs over 40 metres in Abensberg, Germany. Can someone do this across Australia please?

The World’s Longest Fingernails (Gross…)

Yep, you read this correctly! Lee Redmond, from Utah USA, grew her fingernails from 1979 to an astounding 8.65 metres. Although she did break the record, she unfortunately lost her nails in a car accident in 2009.

Top Ten Guinness World Records

The Longest Kiss

Tongue hockey can get a lot of attention. The current record for the world’s longest kiss lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds in Thailand, 2013.  That’s quite a lot of saliva!

Most Vehicles Ran Over The Stomach

American Tom Owen was in Milan, Italy on a TV show when he set a record of being run over the stomach by nine vehicles. Each truck that ran over him weighed between 3-4,000 kg. It may look cool but please, please, don’t do it.

Most Ice Cream Scoops Balanced On A Cone

As the weather gets warmer it’s time to start consuming your daily dose of ice cream, but even we wouldn’t be able to stomach this extravaganza. Former record holder Italian Dimitri Panciera (pictured below) managed to top 121 scoops on his cone in 2016, but just months later he was beaten by American Ashrita Furman with 123 scoops.

Top Ten Guinness World Records

The Fastest Tortoise

Remember the tale of the hare and the tortoise? Well, it’s true, the tortoise did win. Bertie, from England, is not your typical slow-moving tortoise. He reached a top speed of 0.28 metres per second in a 2014 race. New UNSW mascot, anyone?

Fastest Time To Drink One Litre Of Lemon Juice Through A Straw

Who can drink lemon juice without spitting it out? Well, Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez, a UFC fighter from New York, only took 22.75 seconds to consume 1 litre. We’ll be sticking to our orange juice, thanks.

The World’s Shortest Cow

Manikyam, a very short cow, was discovered in India and is just 61.1cm tall from the hoof to the withers. She weighs just 40 kilograms but is somewhat of a celebrity in her local community. She’s treated like a pet by her human family and even responds to the call of her name.

Longest Ears On A Dog

Tigger, a bloodhound from the United States, had his unusually large ears measured to a whopping length of 34.9 cm (right ear) and 34.2 cm (left ear). He won over 180 Best of Breed awards and even got inducted into the Bloodhound Hall of Fame! His owners spent much of their time cleaning and looking after Tigger’s prize-winning ears. Unfortunately, Tigger died in October 2009 but his record is yet to be broken.

Top Ten Guinness World Records



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