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Top 10 Board Games

Top 10 Board Games

Board games, they’re the best segues for breaking party awkwardness, making friends, and dramatically ending them. And all because you flipped and broke their Ikea coffee table. Big deal!

As we’re in the ‘a-stress-ment’ period, here’s a list of board games that will never leave you bored.


Great for playing with large squads. Most likely to win: people who are talented at pretty much everything but won’t admit it.

Top 10 Board Games


This game is like keeping a secret you want to spill but trying to find a loophole to tell it without telling it. Perfect for gossip #kweens.


Boggle is basically an easier version of Scrabble. Plus, it’s fun to shake the board!


Do you trust your friends? Play this to suss out the liars in your posse.

Guess Who?

This 2-player game is BFF goals. To make it more fun you could guess who by the character’s personality or replace the images with people you mutually know.

Top 10 Board Games

Dungeons and Dragons

If you like fantasy and complicated instructions, this is for you. Note to anyone who binges Stranger Things: get on board.


This game is perfect if you like Charades, but don’t like looking at people intensely in the eyes. Show off your stick figure drawing skills with this.


If you love pressing buttons, you’ll luuurve this!

Game of Life

Great #inspo board game for students who are having a quarter-life, existential crisis. *existentialist: “aren’t we all playing the game of life?” *


This classic BG is great for students imagining what it’s like to own properties while they still live at their parent’s house.

Top 10 Board Games

The Whitehouse offers a whole lot of board games to play! So, if you ever need a break from all that cramming and procrastinating, head down there for some board game action!



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