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Things You'll Learn On The Brink Of Starvation

Things You’ll Learn On The Brink Of Starvation

Left the nest hungry? You’re not alone. Here are some things you’ll learn about cooking when you’re on the brink of starvation.

You will start off with high hopes and great expectations.

Both will only last as long as it takes you to strut purposefully through every aisle of Coles, convince yourself that you will definitely make that and that and also that, cart your groceries smugly home and……….that’s it. You will then proceed to exist off 2 minute noodles you got back in o-week. Until of course your next Coles run.

If it requires more than one pot, motivation drops by at least 70%

This is a fact. Washing an army of utensils just so you can wash them again and again and again every time you get hungry (all the time) can drive you to mild existential crises. With every one pot/pan recipe comes an arsenal of spoons and knives and motivation that just cannot be spared.

The Internet is your best friend

Need recipes? Need to know what all the words in said recipes really mean? Need to know if eating something a week past it’s best by date could kill you or even mildly upset your digestive system? Need to know what places deliver at 1am when all your attempts to cook have failed and you have vowed to never enter a kitchen again? The internet is there for you when your culinary skills aren’t.

You were hungry. It was there.

Anything/Everything you happen to possess will transform itself into the best meal of your life in the darkest times. That dusty can of tuna rolling around in the back of your drawer, leftovers from that time your roommate cooked for you (yesterday? a month ago?), that strangely dented apple you’ve been avoiding, you are Michelangelo and they are your ceiling and you will make a (hopefully edible) masterpiece. Anything is a meal with the right attitude.

There’s always Maccas

It’s open 24 hours. Need I say more?


If you’ve managed to miraculously master a recipe, Student Cookbook recipe submissions are NOW OPEN!



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