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Things I wish I could DIY

Things I Wish I Could DIY

Who says DIY is reserved for children? Albeit being not so initiative in terms of action, I constantly wonder what in my life I’d like to make using my own hands.

My book

Not just writing it, but also printing, publishing and promoting it, under my own name, all on my own. It took my journalism tutor 11 days to write a novel, 2 years to have it accepted by a literary agent, and 6 months for the agent to find a publisher. Of course, it’d be hard to step into the market unaided, and my DIY book may look a little rough in the end. But that’s what I would proudly call a real creation – 100% engendered by me, myself and I.


Beauty certainly comes at a price. If you wear makeup, you know that heart-rending feeling when you watch YouTubers cake their faces with stunning, costly products, before realising how destitute you are. Gurl, I want that Urban Decay eyeliner you draw your cat eyes with. And that NARS foundation you look brilliant under. Most importantly I want a flawless face like yours. But, I can barely afford two Maybelline concealers from Priceline. If only I had the guts in public, I’d replace lip glosses with cherry juice and face powder with flour.

Group assignments

This is probably the last thing I ever want to be done with extra pairs of hands. ‘Never depend on anyone but yourself’ is perhaps a cliched statement that you’ll find in one of those Chicken Soup for the Soul books. But it has a reason to exist, especially when it comes to collaborative work. By the time you realise what you signed up for turns out to be a group of slackers, the deadline is already around the corner.

Let’s hear what my friend Ms Anonymous says, 

We’re not experts, we’re just uni students with a few pennies in our pocket. As millennials, our concerns do not go beyond earning enough to pay off our current debts. Skills are more important than academia, which is enough with a Pass.’

That’s a presentable argument. But I really think you’re just secretly hoping that the others will carry you to a Distinction.



About Stephanie Qiu

Stephanie is nowhere near an expert in anything she has an interest in, except daydreaming, which is not an interest so much as an unchangeable habit. Three main things that comprise her leisure time are photographing with friends, writing alone, and contemplating the meaning of life - something that she has so far realised will take her a lifetime to figure out.

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