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Things UNSW Students Should Vote ‘Yes’ For

There are just some things that make us, as UNSW students irritated. If we could vote for the following, we’d all be voting a big, fat, ‘YES’!

No exams on Saturdays/ No exams before 9am

Who thought to schedule a final exam on a Saturday? Or even worse, an exam on a Saturday before 9am? Having to wake up at an ungodly hour to make it in time for a final on a weekend is just cruel. Adding public transport to the mix, makes everything so much more worse. We’d all say ‘YES’ to doing something else, anything else than a final on a weekend or in the early hours of the morning.

No lectures after 6pm

Being stuck in class after 6pm is a nightmare, especially because happy hour at the Greenhouse starts at 5pm! Sunset is natures way of telling us it’s time to put down the books and treat ourselves. Is a lecture even worth the effort of staying so late at uni, when you could be doing so many better things? Voting YES to no lectures after 6pm seems like a no brainer!

Things UNSW Students Would Vote ‘Yes’ For

More 891 buses

When a bus line feels longer than your five year double degree, something is wrong. We’ve all unfortunately had the pleasure of getting soaked along with our textbooks worth hundreds of dollars while waiting for a mate bus. With spring upon us, and summer fast approaching, standing in scorching heat violates all kinds of WHS protocols. We should all vote YES for more 891 buses.

Moving footpaths/ escalators/ elevators/teleportation

Every day at UNSW is leg day, thanks to the good old basser steps and the picturesque, yet never ending main walkway. But what if we don’t want every day to be leg day? What if we don’t want disproportionately large calves? Voting YES to moving footpaths/escalators/ elevators/teleportation seems like a good investment of all of our uni fees.

Marriage equality

Surely this needs no explanation. Equality is something everyone is entitled to. Everyone should have the right and freedom to give, receive and express love.



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