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Things That Are Heart-Warming

Things That Are Heart-Warming

Ever get that spine tingling warm fuzzy feeling? You know, the one that makes your heart burst? The one that makes you go “Awwwwwww”? Yeah that’s a good feeling. I love it, I know you love it, we all love it. So, here are some things that can help you out with achieving them feel good heart warming feels.

Extra food

Have you ever paid for a $10 meal at a kebab shop but the kind, old lady piles much more meat than you paid for? That feeling you get when kind people give you much more food when they see that you are sharing with friends is just so heart-warming. It just makes you want to scream “I LOVE YOU!”

Free bus rides

There are heaps of stories about rude bus drivers, but every once in a while there will be one awesome bus driver that lets you on even though you don’t have enough money or the opal machine’s broken and everyone gets free rides! It’s also super heart-warming when you see some bus drivers jump out of their seat to help people that have difficulty getting on. Some even stop to give free rides to students that are trudging to school in the pouring rain!


Whether you’re globe trotting and making a difference to animal conservation, community engagement, disability care or agricultural development with Global Village, handing out chai to sleep deprived students during the exam period with Arc Wellness or helping raise money for the Sydney Children’s hospital with Phil’, you’re bound to be filled with nothing but heart warming, feel good feels.

Helping others

Shielding a stranger from the pouring rain, helping someone pick up the coins they dropped or helping someone carry heavy books up the stairs. It is always heart-warming when you see someone helping a complete stranger due to nothing but goodwill. It restores our faith in society!

Young people helping the elderly

Seeing people help others is always so uplifting. It’s even better when young people help the older generation. Youngsters assisting an elderly lady or man crossing the road or even just picking up something they might have dropped just warms the heart.




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