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The Furthest You Would Go For Your Best Friend

How Far Would Go For Your Best Friend?

Whether it’s because of their fame or fortune or flawless skin, we all envy celebrities from time to time, or always. However, Selena Gomez getting a kidney from her best friend is not one of the things we’re jealous of. After all, when it comes to our best friends, celebrity or not, we’re all willing to go far. How far? We asked around to find out. How far would you go for your best friend?

Give my heart out

says Michelle

Aww. Sweet, simple yet universal. If Francia Raisa is a heroine for giving one of her kidneys to Selena Gomez, then Michelle is a legend for being willing to give her only heart to her best friend.

Break them out of prison

says Ben

If there are only two things Ben devotes his sincerity to, they’re photography and friendship. Ben has both the determination in Andy and the peacefulness in Red. He hopes that he can make it across the border. He hopes to see his friend and shake his/her hand. He hopes the Pacific is as blue as it has been in his dreams. He hopes.

Jump through fire

says Sara

I’ve known Sara for nearly six years. She is the bravest, if not exactly the best, at performing physical tasks. Whether it’s doing cartwheels barefoot on concrete grounds,  a handstand in the waters of Watson’s Bay or climbing an extra few meters higher than everyone on an indoor rock. Her prowess is so lit it would undoubtedly thrive amidst her hunk of burning love for friends.

Play the boyfriend role

says Jason

As crazy as it sounds, Jason actually showed me an anime clip that demonstrates this ideal scenario (warning: A working knowledge of anime talk is required for understanding the following passage)

A kawaii girl voluntarily rocks up at her senpai’s house and begs to stay over. Poor senpai doesn’t know how to reject her. Suddenly his best friend Jason appears, catwalks to senpai, embraces him and says ‘[insert best friend’s name]-san, no one can come between us. We’re lovers from a past life’. Girl becomes shocked and leaves. Sugoi.



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