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The Answers To Your Most Important Exam Question

The Answers To Your Most Important Exam Question

Our inevitable doom is here. Exams are upon us and it’s time we address the primary concern on everyone’s minds.

No it’s not about the minimum grade you’ll need to get to ensure you pass your course, or how much you can procrastinate without ensuring failure.

It’s not even about your next meal. It’s what you’re going to wear!

You are what you wear (reads the age old, non-superficial, very legit adage) so you should dress to own your (exam) personality!

Read on to make sure you have exactly the right outfit essentials lined up for the WAM defining days ahead of you! Funnnnnn

The One Who’s Always Late

Comfortable shoes. You’re going to need them when you’ve been up all night and are now expected to sprint from one end of the Racecourse to the other, in search of the room that you should know, but have forgotten. A twisted ankle is only a fraction of the pain of all nighters amiright.

The Low-Key Revolutionary

Want to stage a peaceful protest against the institution of exams? Dress in PJs in honour of all the sleep you’ve been missing. Wear a character onesie if you want to really stand out and get noticed.

This one’s a good one because it means you probably won’t even have to change clothes before leaving for your exam. It’s a win-win!

The “R.I.P WAM” One

Sombre and generally subdued. Your final exams are a funeral for your WAM and you want to make sure everyone knows it and can pay their proper respects. This way, even if you cry from relief/stress/real sadness it’ll still match your outfit. Cute!

The Nervous One

Do you get pre exam jitters? Feel the urge to collapse when even the mention of exams come up?

Well inspire yourself by dressing up as your inspiration/confidence building icon!

Whether this is Beyonce, or an extra crispy McNugget make sure you show up to final exams feeling like the boss that you are! That confidence is sure to shine through!

The One Who Had No Final Exams/The One Who’s Already Done

Firstly, wear whatever you want because YASSSSS!!!!

Secondly, everyone (still doing exams) hates you. Lay low. Maybe dress like you haven’t slept in days for protection.



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