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Things To Do, Now That Winter Is Over

Things To Do, Now That Winter Is Over

What time is it? Spring time! And winter is O-V-E-R! It’s your chance to get outdoors, get exploring, a great excuse to catch up with your mates and an opportunity to up your social media game.

Fly a kite

Sound childish? Think again! Mary Poppins, sung, โ€œLetโ€™s Go Fly A Kiteโ€ so it must be done. If you’re one of those people always locked in your room ‘studying’ (let’s be real, marathoning netflix movies), this is your chance to get outside and soak in some Vitamin D. You don’t even have to break the bank for this.

Go to a drive-in movie

Seeing the latest Tom Cruise movie in the cinemas can prove to be a costly ordeal. Drive-in movies give you the same deal at a cheaper price with a seat that’s most likely much cleaner! Enjoy a flick with your squad without leaving the comfort of your car. Now that winter’s over you won’t have to constantly wipe your screen from the rain, spring means a crystal clear view, unless of course you haven’t cleaned your windscreen.


Gone are the days of breathing in icy cold air and being knocked over by strong gusty winds. The fresh air of Spring is perfect to get outdoors, get moving and boost your vitality giving your body everything it needs!

Spring clean

Post hibernation is the perfect time to clean your room. The art of de-cluttering is trending, so rid yourself of all of your useless items and viola! It’s so simple and satisfying.


Camping in winter is akin to a death wish – the fire would go out, you may get frostbite and no one else camps in winter so you may be all on your lonesome out in the woods. This season is so much better for camping, your bonfire will burn bright and it’s a great excuse to start the new season getting in touch with nature, new ideas and creativity.

Roller blade

Nursing a swollen lip after falling over when trying to roller blade down a slippery footpath in the cold. Luckily it’s slowly getting warmer, and now’s your chance to zip around uni and impress that guy or gal in your tutorial.

Snap photos

Grab your camera, if you don’t have one your phone will do, and get exploring. The spring atmosphere provides the best vibes for photography, with bright green grass, blue waters, and blooming flowers.


The peacefulness of the country, the water stirring and splashing at our fingertips is something that we long for when in the midst of a busy city. Canoeing is a great way to catch some sun and enjoy Mother Nature because itโ€™s these moments that make it so enjoyable!

Discover treasure

The Flea Markets are a great way to fossick for your forgotten treasures and sell them at a great price! Flea markets are also the best place to discover some delicious homemade jam, freshly baked bread and heavenly scented candles. Definitely one to add to the to-do list for trinkets and treasure galore!



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