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Nokia 3310: The Brick Phone Is Back

The iconic Nokia 3310 we all know and love as it’s more common name, ‘the brick phone’, is making a big come back this year with an updated version released by HMD Global. The new 3310 boasts an impressive 22 hours of talk-time and an incredible four weeks of battery life in-between charges (basically a lifetime of battery). It also has some fancy new upgrades like a colour screen, a camera, a microSD card slot, plays MP3s, and even has a new version of the classic game, Snake (because Snake was and always will be the best game ever).

The original 3310 was first launched in 2000 and as we’re all aware, was one of Nokia’s best-selling phone models in history. HMD Global currently has exclusive rights to the Nokia brand and will pay Nokia royalties for the brand and patents. This phone costs around $67 (bargain!)and runs on the latest version of Android – Nougat 7.0.

The new 3310 is aimed at those looking for a second phone or an emergency phone to make calls and send texts. However, those who are feeling nostalgic about owning this beloved icon, shouldn’t rejoice just yet. The company is keeping the same basic functionality as the original phone and currently the new version can only be used on a 2.5G Network. Sadly in Australia, the 2G networks are currently being phased out, with Telstra having already turned its 2G service off and other telcos like Optus and Vodafone will follow. While it may be hard to actually use the phone as a phone on the 2G Network in Australia, at least the new version of Snake is there to satisfy your entertainment needs.

Telstra and Optus have confirmed that they won’t be bringing the device to our shores, while Vodafone is still undecided. So it’s very unlikely that this new 3310 will be released in Australia any time soon (not really connecting people, Nokia). We can only hope that the next iteration will be future proof and compatible with the existing 4G networks and beyond.

To cheer you up from the heartbreaking news, here’s a remix of the good ol’ Nokia ringtone.




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