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Learning Languages With Duolingo

Learning Languages With Duolingo

Do you find learning languages challenging? Maybe even terrifying? Have you ever walked into a lecture, faced with wide-eyed fear at the lack of English spoken?

Tech Geek Duolingo
You can even practice speaking with the app.

Well, fear no longer, your solution is here: the trusty Duolingo app*.

With a number of different language options, and easy short listening, reading and speaking exercises, you will be confident in no time.

Content covers basic verbs and vocabulary, and progressively moves on to harder topics as well as phrases and sentences. It is definitely a life saver for beginners.

Tech Geek: Duolingo
The app covers a multitude of different areas.

For the more fluent learners, you can also take a short quiz when setting up your account, to skip to higher level activities.

Arguably the best feature of Duolingo is that it’s not a one way street. If you begin to get weak in certain areas, it will notify you to practice. You can also use the Duolingo powered app Tiny Cards, for some handy, ready made flash cards.

There is also a daily goal feature, which encourages you to practice and keep up a streak. You can set your goals from as low as 5 minutes, up to an hour of practice a day, and alter this goal at any time.

For further validation and motivation, you can link your profile to Facebook and form clubs with your friends.

If you like to be ~officially~ validated, the app also displays the percentage of your fluency, and allows you to share this on LinkedIn.

Tech Geek: Duolingo
Duolingo tells you the percentage of your fluency.

So if learning languages was a problem for you before, get started and get learning!

* You can also find the Duolingo website here. It is fairly similar to the app, although it has a few additional features such as tips and notes.


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