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Surviving Assessments

How To: Survive Assessments

We’re well into the semester, and that can only mean one thing: assessment time.

Essays, group tasks, and practicals are looming, due dates creeping closer, and your consumption of coffee and red bull is ever increasing.

Your assessments may not be done, but you sure are.

How do you survive the soul-crushing period of assessments and all their joy?

Laminate your notes

Trust me with this. When your head is pounding, your nose is all runny, and tears start trickling down your cheeks, they’ll roll right off your notes. Assessments may dampen your life, but hey, at least they can’t dampen your (laminated) notes.

Check moodle

Uni isn’t like high school. No one’s going to tell you when things are due. You’ve got to find out for yourself. Moodle is your course bible. As boring as it may be, actually checking it will tell you things like due dates and the do dates for assessments


While Netflix and denial are some of the best coping mechanisms at this time, planning is also key. Plan the next TV show you’re keen on watching and what assessment you’ll be doing in the fifteen seconds Netflix so graciously gives you to decide whether or not you’d like to proceed with the next episode.


Highlight the important things. Pull out that pack of 80 highlighters your mum bought you from that Officework’s sale, and get highlighting. Trust me, you’ll need the whole pack to highlight all the important things, and by important things I mean everything. Because at uni, everything is important.

Find a good study space

Your study space is important. Can’t find a seat in the library? Neither can anyone else, unless they miraculously managed to make it to uni before 9am. Make do with what is available. See that tree? See anyone in that tree? Nope? Didn’t think so. Climb that tree and bring your laptop. With no humans in close proximity to you, you can’t get distracted, and your assessments will be done in no time.


Food is love, food is life. Food makes everything better. Have sigh-worthy members in your group assignment? Get food together. Trying to get through your readings? Reward yourself with food. Can’t understand something? Eat. If you still can’t understand something, at least you can’t understand it on a full stomach. Studying late solo? Food will keep you company.

Stand Up, Stretch

You’ve probably been sitting at your desk for a long period of time, trying to power through your assessments. Stop. You deserve a break. Stand up. Stretch your arms and legs. Take a walk. Go to the airport. Get on a plane. Do not come back.

Studying = Student + Dying



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