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Struggle Street, UNSW

Struggle Street, UNSW

UNSW is amazing,  why else would we all go here? But that doesn’t stop us from experiencing ‘first-world-problems’.

The 891 bus lines

Everyone knows the massive pain that is the 891 the bus lines. Especially when you’re late for a 9am lecture and the line at Eddy Ave is literally through the park. Don’t despair, there’s only… two more years left (hopefully) until the Light Rail is complete.

Cash. Only. 

We’re poor uni students, and we don’t want to be constantly reminded about how broke we are by having to scrape through an empty wallet for some coins! 

UNSW Student Struggles: Spot Illo #1

Thankfully, UNSW is now introducing PayWave to all of campus!


Enough said. 

We all know at least one person who’s had to sprint from lower to upper campus in five minutes because their tutor just had so much to say. Now with all the construction, it’s even harder to get from one end to the other. I mean really? It’s 2017, surely teleportation should be a thing by now. 


Covered walkways, what are those? The Kensington campus has the drainage capabilities of a reservoir. Wet shoes. Wet socks. If it’s raining and you want to stay dry, stay inside. Raincoats are useless. Umbrellas are useless. 

When your laptop dies in the middle of a lecture

Everyone’s had that day when they’ve forgotten their charger and their laptop’s die in the middle of a lecture, with no power points or spare chargers in sight. We all know the feeling of blankly staring at the laptop screen, as you sit through that last hour, knowing you’ll be using echo360 to catch up later. 

UNSW Student Struggles: Spot Illo #2

Illustrations by Martina Calvi.



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